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#MSBHamari - Saifiyah Burhaniyah chhe darsgaah hamari
We are - as Syedna al Muqaddas RA addressed us on our silver jubilee in Nairobi, 2009 - the flowers, petals, buds and leaves of a tree that has been nurtured by His own two hands.

In the light of al Quran

Members can ask questions regarding Hifz ul Quran and Quran Ahkaam and get answers from Dawat Khidmatguzaar moderators in this restricted and safe platform. Also share tips, ask for or provide support for the Hifz of al Quran Kareem.

Book Club

The members of this club will post books every fortnight. Read it, share favourite quotes from it, discuss interesting points and recommend new reading material. And for the writers among them, it will provide a platform to exhibit their work

Business Centre

Members will be able to exchange their business ideas, promote their startups, display their products, provide services and even get special deals and discounts as HSB members


HSB members that are masters of their fields will get this platform to make tutorial videos, conduct training sessions and spread the love

HSB Stories

Find inspirational stories among yourselves and share in this forum

HSB Activities

Contests, webinars, talks, meetings, gatherings, get-togethers, tournaments.. Stay up to date with the latest happenings in the HSB world